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London Web Taxi – Privacy Policy

London Web Taxi operations are restricted by regulations of 1998 Data Protection Act. This privacy policy has been specifically created to express our commitment towards maintaining privacy of our business dealings. Our privacy policy safeguards the information received and shared through our website only.

We at London Web Taxi do not purposefully or automatically collect personal information about any customer, or visitor. This personal information could relate to your name, age, gender, mailing address, e-mail address, and contact number. All such data are collected for a definite purpose and with the consent of visitors/customers. The information so collected is solely used for creating demography data for these visitors. Non-personal information such as operating system, network settings, and browser type might also be obtained.

The personal identifiable information so provided on your own will and discretion might be used by us for sending regular updates of our range of products and services. Personal information sent by you is neither sold, nor exchanged nor rented to any third party outside London Web Taxi or its associates for commercial purposes. If however, we feel like disclosing such personal identifiable information with any concern or person outside our company or our associates, we do so with your consent.

Personal information provided by you is maintained with secrecy. Strict security processes are followed in storing all such data so that it is not divulged to any outside party. Prevention of unauthorised access is done in strict accordance as per United Kingdom Data Protection Act.

London Web Taxi does not collect any personal or sensitive information unless and until it is provided by visitors/ customers of their own accord. With your permission, we might provide personal identification information to our sister concerns and associates for the purpose of sending of materials that might be of help to you.

For reasons of security, we might disclose personal identification information to government regulatory bodies and agencies as and when necessary.

If under any circumstance you feel that our website is not functioning as per rules and regulations of privacy policy, you might bring that to our notice. If you have queries about our privacy policy, the functioning of our website, or our business dealings you might contact us by mail or call us.

Cancellation and Returns

Cancellation of service by the customer is subject to realization of cancellation or return charges. Cancellations done more than 24 hours before the actual time of booking attract a charge of £10.00. For cancellations done within 24 hours but before three hours of booking time, 50 percent is refunded. No money is refunded for cancellations done less than Six hours from the scheduled time of service. Also no returns are made for ‘no show’ on part of customers/passengers.

On certain days of the year, i.e. from 24th to 26th December, 31st December, and 1st January, an additional surcharge of 50 percent on your booking amount is imposed.