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Airport Seaport Hotel Postcode City University
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Airport Seaport Hotel Postcode City University

Question: How to book on-line?

Answer : Select from the Reservation box

1. Travelling from one of the Radio Button, It will open up drop down Manu

2. Travelling destination in the 2nd option( Travelling to ), It will open up drop down Manu

Then Click on the SUBMIT Button, it will take you to the new page

Select your suitable vehicle ( Number of passenger’s and Number of hand Luggage and Chicken luggage’s)

5. Fill up pick up Date and Time

Click book now, It will take you to a new page, You have to fill up Detail’s, accept the terms and conditions and SUBMIT.

7. Check your booking Detail’s and select the payment method.



Question:  What happens if my flight is delayed / cancelled?
Answer :  Suppours your flight is delayed or cancelled please do not forget to inform at your earliest By E-Mail or Phone,
Question  :  What methods of payment do you accept?
Answer     :  We accept all major credit cards except American Express, and cash to the Driver in (British Pounds) Our drivers don’t have facilities to accept credit card.
Question  : Are prices per person or is that the total price?
Answer     : Our prices are for the car not for person.
Question  : Do you provide baby & child car seats?
Answer     : We provide baby, Child seats on request (free of charge)
Question  : How do I find my Driver at the arrival?
Answer     : Airport/Sea port Arrival’s You will find the driver with the BORD with the name of the passenger
Question  : How do I contact Your Company?
Answer     : You can contact us by Email, call us 0207 993 8704
Question  : I travel to London in the congestion zone, will I be charged extra?
Answer     : Our prices include Congestion Charging. Remember Congestion Charging is only in Operation from 07.00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday 
Question  : What do I do if I cannot locate my driver?
Answer     : Please call the office immediately, do not leave the arrivals hall and we will try and locate Your driver
Question  : How early do I need to book my car?
Answer     : we advice to book as Early as possible at least 12 hours in advance
  If You have any other question please contact us by mail